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a woman like you. a woman like me? yes barbara i think fred should withdraw from the campaign. are you serious? deadly serious. but you can't be he's as good elected right now. yes i know. well he'll be alright, he's got to be he's got to be governor. from judges secretary to governor's wife not bad. why matt! barbara we've been friends for a long time. you're the loveliest girl i've ever known you're also the most ambitious. yes matt i am see i'm not a psychiatrist i don't know much about neurotic conditions. but i do know that what fred is doing he must do. psychiatry won't give a lot of poor kids a chance to grow up like decent human beings but fred parker will. psychiatry won't wipe out the vicious elements in this world. but the influence of governor parker will. and this ambitious wench barbara foster is going to help him do it. i'm sorry barbara i guess i was mistaken in you, forgive me [music] i'm sorry too i'm sorry that a man like fred has to pay for all this with his health. well perhaps it will work out as a matter of fact. his condition may pass as quickly as it came. but
together since the election. only with barbara walters. >> how do you keep the fire going? >>> trimming the trees with the first dog bo. inside a special tradition. how they deck the halls at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >>> and ask mrs. obama. first graders with a very special connection to the white house tree ask their questions of the first lady. >> do they give each other presents? >>> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," december 26th, 2012. >>> good evening, i'm terry moran. for a holiday, this has been a busy time in washington. as the negotiations surrounding that looming fiscal cliff come to a fever pitch just before the new year. but this is also a time of tradition and celebration in the nation's capital, and nobody decks the halls like the team at the white house for christmas. christmas is there, has come to mean a special visit every year, not just from santa claus, but from abc's own barbara walters. barbara? >> terry, in what has become one of my favorite holiday traditions for the f
, not just from santa claus, but from abc's own barbara walters. barbara? >> terry, in what has become one of my favorite holiday traditions for the fourth year, i had the privilege of interviewing the president and mrs. obama at the white house. this interview was taped days before the tragic shooting in connecticut and was postponed until now. it was the first time the couple sat down together since winning re-election. mrs. obama also took me on a personal tour of what is called the people's house. and it's never more true than during the christmas season. after thanksgiving, more than 80 volunteers from nearly 40 states descend on the white house, trimming 54 trees, plus every nook and cranny. first dog bo is the star of the show. there he is inspecting the decorations, including this larger than life model of himself, made of 20,000 pompoms. my friend. >> yes, bo. he's really big in relation to this house. >> this 300-pound ginger bread white house was the first stop on my exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with first lady michelle obama. these are various rooms in the actual white hous
at the auditorium tomorrow. now barbara you have always had your own way i suppose you will now. that's not fair matt nobody can stop fred and nobody can push him on. i am the last one who wants to see him hurt or sick. you believe that don't you? of course. i'll bring him to your office first thing in the morning. no no that wouldn't do at all. not all people are ready to accept psychiatry as a normal branch of medicine. the general impression is i believe that a man who needs a psychiatrist must be crazy. hum ridiculous of course but there you are. and some people are rather reluctant to cast their votes for lunatics. i hadn't noticed. it'd be better if i came here. bye barbara. goodbye matt. albert. yes miss barbara? i'm going home and if the judge awakens during the night please call me. yes miss barbara. [clock chimes eight] [whistling] [whistling] judge! please sir your appointment is for nine sharp. judge your honor. hum. i hated to wake you sir you were sleeping so peacefully. he did it i got one! one what sir? you got one too i hope so sir. i can feel myself i'm solid. solid like i used
kept this constant fear for their lives. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. >> a true story of relief after our colleague was captured in syria. >> richard engel and his crew are safe arrest enduring psychological torture for five days in that war-torn country. angie joins us with more on this harrowing story. >> reporter: good morning. the face of nbc news known for covering some of the world's most dangerous stories found himself in the headlines after disappearing with his crew in syria. >> i'm very happy that we're able to do this shot this morning. >> we're in good health, we're okay. >> reporter: on the "today" show after a terrifying five days of being captive. earlier this morning we got our first glimpse and he talked about the traumatic experience. >> we were with some gunmen, rebels who were escorting us. theyxecuted one of them on the spot and they kept us blindfolded, bound. we were not physically beaten or tortured. it was a lot of psychological torture. threats of being killed. they made us choose which one of us would be shot first and when we refused t
♪ >> to golden gymnast gabby douglas, to movie star/director ben affleck, barbara walters picks the most memorable personalities of 2012, but who is the most fascinating? >> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," december 11th, 2012. >> good evening. i'm bill weir. the line to see santa was growing and a children's choir was scheduled to see carols in a mall outside portland, oregon, tonight. but when as many as 60 shots rang out, the scene turned into terrified chaos. witnesses say a gunman wearing a mask and camouflage was behind the deadly attack and abc's david wright has the latest details. >> reporter: a shopping mall at christmas time is supposed to be safe. so today when witnesses first heard loud pops near the food court of this portland area mall, some thought it was bursting balloons. >> we thought it was balloons. and then we saw little fire thingies. >> like lights. >> reporter: and then the screaming and everyone knew it was something far worse. >> all of a sudden we heard big bang. we
in santa barbara for 20 years. i went, i left san francisco and went to santa barbara, went to university there. subsequently i was hired, actually was elected to a local public office and subsequently hired as the executive director of the alto vista community house which is a board appointment as well. while with the community council, municipal advisory council, our planning director left and i was assigned planning dregtor responsibilities for about a year and a half before i moved on to another job working in antipoverty, working with antipoverty organizations with community action programs. while with my duties as an active planning dregtor were quite sudden, i will already been on the local planning commission, alta vista planning commission for several years, i was somewhere familiar with planning concepts and nomenclature. however, once the applications for conditional use permits and variances and various rezonings started arriving at my desk, i was required by the state government code the county planning department forward these documents to my office, i would then prepare
. >> comments. >> maybe for todd or barbara. i am interested to hear, and i know that local power has been working hard to present this financial model. and i know that the great promise moving into this cca is to do the local build-out to be energy independent and create our own renewable power sources for the communities that need it the most. and that's why i was asking for this bigger picture conversation. because it all kind of fits together. and i don't quite have understanding if the rate hearing on friday and presented with a new structure in january, and that's the same time we hear about the financial piece. and i don't know if you reviewed the financial information and now is not the time, we don't have it agendaized. and that's the comment to barbara hale, we need all of this information together so we can make an informed decision. and especially with the rates, and this local power seems viable, and that's what we hold up as the competition to pg & e and what it looks like and the communication strategy. i don't know when that conversation is going to happen for us to make an
'threat to north america. i want to go to my colleague barbara starr, our pentagon correspondent who is live on the phone. clearly this has to set off the alarm bells within the pentagon staff. >> reporter: oh, i think there is no way around it. this is huge news. that one little sentence you just read, initial indications are the missile deployed an object that appeared to achieve orbit, the north koreans had been trying for years to put a satellite in to space by all indications what they have achieved now with this orbit is doing something very close to that, if not that itself. an object that appeared to achieve orbit. the u.s. military and the intelligence community has determined that tonight, by going back through the satellite and intelligence data that they quickly collected about this north korean launch in determining they did manage to put something in to orbit. by all accounts the first time north kraen korea has been able to do this and it is what you were just talking about. did they really do it on their own or did they get some crucial technology help from some other
to karl rove. he has thoughts on hillary clinton running for president four years from now. later, barbara walters and dennis miller on president obama and we are coming right back >> bill: in the impact segment, there is no question the republican party is regrouping, or something, after getting hammered in the election. new leadership will be required, even the old guard is discouraged by the current status of the gop. >> if their competitor in 16 is going to be hillary clinton, supported by bill clinton and presumably still relatively popular president obama, trying to win will be truly the super bowl and the republican party today is incapable of competing at that level. >> bill: wow. joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. do you agree with speaker gingrich? >> i do with a little bit of it, but not a lot of it. there are four things he said in that sentence. one is that clinton would be formidable backed by her husband. that's right. second, he said that if there were a popular president obama, that would be helpful to her. that's really not accurate. if you look at it, truman, lbj
was well-cared for but it was not like having a family until americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> and this is when we brought them play-doh. >> reporter: in 2003, the couple brought them home to virginia. nadia is 14 and her brother 16 and this week, the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. the russian president signed a bill banning americans from adopting in russia. >> and this interfere error errors -- interferes with the future of many people. >> we had to wait until june to get them. i can't imagine people who have children in the pipeline and may never get them out. those are the stories that are gut wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for a doing. >> there are approximately 46 families matched with a child and in process that feel like they're a member of their family already and i can't imagine having to be the person who said you can't bring the child home or worse, looking into the eyes of the child saying mommy and daddy aren't coming to get you after all. >> reporter: the new law prompted outcry f
. >> set the broken is taking a road trip with barbra streisand seth rogan barbara streisand is back on the big screen and she's hitting the road with seth rogen. >> arch campbell is taking us on a trip to the movies. here is your holiday weekend movie guide. you want to ride cross- country with me? mother and son on a cross- in "the guilt ."ip" i know you're nervous, but it will be great. it is called eight pitch, .om -- a pitch, mom. three stars, pg 13. >> said that down. ." also opening is "this is 40 a married couple is trying to zing back in their marriage. two and a half stars, rated r. let's get this done. tom cruise stars in "jack reacher." two stars. n."ars for "lincole the barbara streisand and seth movie gets three stars. "the hobbit" two. two for "jack reacher." hope you have a great weekend. i'm arch capitaampbell.
opportunity council here in san francisco. this was community action commission of santa barbara county, which had control over direct services for the entire county of santa barbara and all the six cities within so we had to cover a substantial amount of area, much larger geographally than san francisco but hardly as dense. so my concerns as a resident in the octavia plan boundaries are the preservation of open space, development of greater community gardening opportunities for low to moderate to affordable income residents, the keeping of upper market street at least as a sunshine corridor so that the building, the new growth and developments occurring along the market street corridor don't overshadow the upper market street. i have been quite concerned with two years ago there was a lot of holes in the ground, to put it plainry, walking up and down market street and throughout the market-octavia corridor and boundaries, most of those holes have been virtually plugged up. there is not much vacant land level for development. this has occurred in the last 24 months, it's very easy to
be hunkering down in washington, negotiating over christmas. >>> and now, abc's barbara walters is back tonight with another exclusive interview. this time, secretary of state hillary clinton. who is about to leave office, after traveling almost a million miles to nearly 100 countries. and everyone asking, does she still dream of the presidency? barbara is here right now. barbara? >> reporter: and that is the question, diane. as hillary clinton winds down her time as secretary of state, traveling the globe, we sat down together and i asked her that question, that's on everybody's mind. what's next? what most people are asking now about you is, will you consider running for president in 2016? would you just like to make your declaration now? we could conclude this interview. >> well, that would be fascinating, to me, as well as everyone else. you know, i've said i really don't believe that that's something i will do again. i am so grateful i had the experience of doing it before. but you know, i -- i think there are lots of ways to serve, so, i will continue to serve. >> reporter: what would it
that fiscal cliff, will there be a deal? also tonight, an abc news exclusive. barbara walters at the white house. asking michelle obama if she'll run for office next. and a personal question, too. >> how do you keep the fire going? >> hmm. that's a good question. >>> made in america. the great christmas challenge. >> i know, i know your show. >> she knew, and so did thousands of others. tonight, the big reveal. the videos you sent in, the made in america gifts you put under the tree. and the ones that didn't fit. >> merry christmas, david! >> how you're creating joy and jobs this christmas. >>> and caught on tape. the adorable pet dog stolen, about to be sold. you won't believe what happened next and what we witnessed today. >>> good evening on this wednesday night. and we hope you had a merry christmas. diane has a few more nights with her family, and what a night to stay indoors. across much of this country tonight, a massive winter storm and already, the ripple effect being felt coast to coast. the monster storm system stretching from indiana to maine, all the way to north carolina. mor
.com. >> coming up next, barbara walters fascinating people of 2012 includes new jersey governor chris christie. what he has to say about people who criticize his weight. >> lindsay lohan could be facing more jail time. that story just ahead. >> and let's take a look at traffic out there right now in the bridge. as you can see, it's dusk beginning to move n traffic moving nicely on the bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. >>> a rare red carpet chat with the one and only barbara streisand. >> yes. just plus awards season is just now heating up. today's on the red carpet. >> lindsay lohan's next role could play out behind bars. an l.a. judge revoked probation on charges he lied to police after a june traffic accident. on probation for stealing a necklace last year. the just will decide if new charges amount to more jail time. she has been in and out of jail four times in the last few years. >> barbara streisand and seth roguean take one mother of a road trip in the comedy the guilt trip. otrc hit the red carpet premier to ask barbara what made her take her first starring role in 16
barbra streisand. >> lovely to see you. the great barbara streisand. >>> hello, i'm don lemon, let's get you up to speed now, a shocking number of dead and wounded today in a small village in syria. look at the street covered with bodies and terrified survivors. witnesses say people were standing in lines for bread when a syrian military jet bombed the bakery where they were waiting. more than 100 people were reported dead. that number may go way up as night goes on. a full report from the region in just a moment here on cnn. >>> nine days left before you face a new year with higher taxes. apparently a fiscal cliff solution is not wrapped up as a gift under your christmas tree. lawmakers are home for the holidays. house speaker john boehner is in ohio, president obama is in his native hawaii. you'll hear about a last ditch effort that may happen after the holiday. that story just a few moments away here as well. >>> a united states senator was arrested for drunk driving early sunday morning. idaho republican mike crapo was taken to jail in alexandria, virginia, after midnight. he was sto
. these comments come just as barbara walters prepares for her "nightline" special tonight. her sitdown at the white house with the president and the first lady. and tonight here, some rare personal questions answered about their own relationship and their girls. one of whom just got her first cell phone. >> reporter: i want to talk a bit about the girls. we have been watching them grow up from little girls to young ladies. now, malia recently got her first cell phone. do you monitor it? and see who she calls or who she texts? >> i give my daughter, at this age, i give her a long rope. you know, and there is monitoring, because we have rules, but monitoring may be, you never know when i'm going to walk in your room and i'm going to definitely ask you, who are you talking to, are you talking about school work? but -- >> and they're not very good at lying. we joke sometimes about how, you know, malia is getting to the age now, boys start calling and -- >> reporter: ah, yes. >> you know, sort of, i always talk about how one of the main incentives for running again was continuing secret ser
veteran, outreach assistant, give an hour, coatesville, pennsylvania; dr. barbara cohoon, deputy director, government relations, national military family association, washington dc; dr. mike haynie, executive director and founder, institute for veterans and military families, syracuse, ny; a. kathryn power, samsha strategic initiative lead for military families and regional administrator region 1, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, boston, massachusetts. kathryn, there's approximately 2.3 million active military men and women and about 22 million vets. um, talk to us a little bit about why military families are important to our national security. well, i think that one of the most important reasons that we are paying attention to the military family is because we know that this particular conflict is taking a major toll on military service members and their families. i think it's mrs. obama who uses the statistic, saying that 1 percent of the people are doing 100 percent of the fighting. and i think that statement reall
the german film "barbara." it wanted a video awards. more on that after a short break. >> do not go away. >> welcome back. thousands of syrians have been fleeing the violence in their country, many seeking refuge in camps across the turkish border. like there has become increasingly hard, due to the extreme harsh weather conditions. >> apart from big aid organizations, small relief organizations are also trying to collect funds. we met one young man also trying to collect in berlin. >> pounding the pavement of the german capital, he wants to convince berliners to donate money to syrian refugees. many of them are freezing in camps on the turkish border. >> if you do have the chance to help, you could consider making a small donation. you could save a life there. >> he was born in lebanon. he is quick to strike up a conversation. he speaks german and arabic, and even a little turkish. >> people are ready to help, regardless of where they are from, and because the situation in syria is so rough, you notice that people do want to help out. >> he and his colleagues but that funding toward hel
's barbara starr is with us, the nra has been criticized for not talking about any limitations on guns and calling for armed guards in schools and for not taking questions from reporters. >> yeah, miguel and all of that they seem to be sticking to their line. on the sunday talk shows, wayne la pierre, the chief executive officer. the public face of the national rifle association, made clear on nbc's "meet the press," his organization will continue to oppose legislationed ed adding new revikss to those weapons or the high-capacity ammunition magazines. enter la pierre had a definite view about where he thinks responsibility for some of these issues lie. have a listen. >> i know there's a media machine in this country that wants to blame guns every time something happens. i know there's an anti-second amendment industry in this town. i know there are political leads that for 20 years, always try to say it's because american-owned guns. i'm telling you what i think will make people safe. and what every mom and dad will make them feel better. when they drop their kid off in school in janua
was vice president. and it's continued up to this present day. george and barbara are very dear friends of the oak ridge boys, he officially refers to us as his boys, we were able to work it out between barbara and the bush family and four of to us make a phone call to president bush while he was there in icu and were able to sang couple of songs for him. and able to cheer him up just a little bit. we asked him what he wanted to hear. and quickly he said, "elvira." so we sang a little of that for him and we went into one of his all-time favorites, which was "amazing grace." both of them are great songs. >> and you added "american made" another great hit for you. as you sang, did he sing along with you? could you tell what reaction you were getting? >> he has sung along with us in the past. >> it was difficult to tell over the telephone whether he was actually singing, according to barbara and his kids, he was just beaming. we got emails, to talk about how it affected him and such a positive way. it made us feel very good, that we were able to help out a little bit. >> it helped out more
't do itt around christmas >> barbara ley in, what is s it businesseses aree more anxus about? arare they more excited about the grow in jobs o more anxious about the uncertainty in washington? >> they are anxious about the uncertainty. business people like prededictability whether it is good, bad, or whatevever. they want to know what they are dedealing with but people aree still uncomfortable and on well into thosese expansions and unwilling to hire a loof people because they just don't know whahat the public policy will bring. >> what are you hearing are the bibiggest concerns? are they concerned that we will only get a temporary bill? are they weren't there ll not be a deal at all? >> i think people generally feel there will be someme sort of deal. there is kicking down the can down the road a little bit longer, i think of a fid you will get something. what we would like to see is to get it done and get it done now. right nowow i'm a smallll organization i havave difficulty plannining. i am in no y like the rge ceo's in our area. we wou like to see something gett done. i don't kn
debbie wasserman schultz responds tonight. plus, senator barbara boxer on her new plan for national polling place standards. and a new poll shows half of all republicans think the defunct group a.c.o.r.n. stole the election from president obama. >> that's an eye opener. >> i wonder where they ever got that idea? >> you just have to wait and see what happens. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. here is are the latest. republicans are at a stalemate with the white house for debt negotiations. republicans really only have two options now, bad and worse. "the new york times" is the latest outlet to report on senior republican leaders who are ready to strike a deal. they want to push off negotiations until the debt ceiling vote next year. president obama won't have it. the president is attacking the only leverage republicans have left. the president spoke to a group of ceos today and said that he will not negotiate if debt ceiling is going to be used as a hostage. >> i have to just tell you, that is a bad strategy for america, it is a bad strategy for your b
. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's december 6th, 2012. in a matter of hours, the first family will flip the switch to the giant blue spruce. megan mcgrath is there where crews are getting ready for the ceremony. the tradition started in 1923 and never gets old. >> reporter: never gets old and it's ever changing. there are a lot of changes this year. you can see the national christmas tree, the lights are on, the ornaments are on. it didn't lit. it will happen later on tonight. shortly after 5:00, the president and his family will flip the switch. the performers are doing their thing. they are tweaking the stage lights. we have heard the singers and musicians practicing. getting in one last rehearsal to make sure it's perfect for today's big show. ♪ rue doll the red nosed reindeer ♪ >> reporter: one final performance before the show. phillip phillips, the "american idol" winner. also performing, the fray. ♪ >> reporter: the singer says he was stunned when president barack obama approached him about coming to washington. >> i was here for an even
on barbara walters' 10 more fascinating people special. >> there are people who say you couldn't be president because you are so heavy. what do you say to them? >> that's ridiculous. people watched me the last couple weeks during hurricane sunday for 18 days. i don't think that would be a problem. >> that was as hard-hitting as his pants aren't fitting. let's check in with barbara walters' most interesting cat. terrible and not funny whatsoever. sherrod, is christie's weight with voters or is this an issue with the mainstream media. >> show respect for barbara walters who knows how to ask a question. she never says, hey, i think you are too fat to run. she says, what do you people to people who say -- >> there are people who say -- >> what would you say to them? >> she knows how to ask the question and not p ut it on her. i love it. >> this is a woman who has been a talk show host for many years and has an unusual vocal delivery. she is asking a fat guy if he should be president, and she has been a a talk show host or interviewer for 40 years with an unusual vocal delivery. see my point? >> n
from now. later, barbara walters and dennis miller on president obama and we are coming right back. he arketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. >> bill: in the impact segment, there is no question the republican party is regrouping, or something, after getting hammered in the election. new leadership will be required, even the old guard is discouraged by the current status of the gop. >> if their competitor in 16 is going to be hillary clinton, supported by bill clinton and presumably still relatively popular president obama, trying to win will be truly the super bowl and the republican party today is incapable of competing at that level. >> bill: wow. joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. do you agree with speaker gingrich? >> i do with a little bit of it, but not a lot of it
bradford nos comenta que artistas despediran a jenni rivera. >> ana barbara kate del castillo snoop dogg y más la acompañaran y los amigos del maquillista de jenni rivera acompañan también. >> cuándo recibi la llamada de monterrey ahí dije dios! es verdad. >> eva longolia, ninel conde, ana barbara. pero luego no fue tanto el maquillista si no que fueron amigos. >> la nueva imagen se la dio jacob y la admiraba tanto que eran muy unidos. >> mañana tendremos cobertura total de la despedida de la diva de la banda. >> 11,7 millones de californianos planean ir a méxico y más aún hay de otras partes así que tomelo en cuenta. >> pero para muchos ha sido un dolor de cabeza pedir los documentos para la importacion temporal de automóviles. >> estaremos con la familia de mi esposo en las fiestas y disfrutaremos los demás ddías, >> este hombre no esta contento con el servicio. >> mira la línea estamos 3 horas acá y se cambiaron para mejorar el servicio. >> una funcionaria salió a explicar. >> los invitamos a hacer este tramite con la herramienta en línea no tienen que venir. además e
an exclusive interview with our very open barbara walters. >> the president said his administration now formally recognizes a newly formed coalition of syrian rebels. that is significant. the rebels for fighting to topple syria's president. here's her report. >> i would like to talk about syria. do you plan to recognize the opposition and give them some legitimacy? >> we made a decision that the syrian opposition coalition is now inclusive enough, is reflective and representative enough of the syrian population that we consider them the legitimate representative of the syrian people in opposition to the assad regime and so we will provide them recognition and obviously with that recognition comes responsibilities on the part of that coalition. >> that's a big step. >> it is a big step. there is a small element of the -- of those who oppose the assad regime that are, in fact, affiliated with al qaeda in iraq. and we have designated them as a terrorist organization. and we are going to make clear to distinguish between those elements of the opposition. >> with the president recognizing th
on the university of california santa barbara lrdp advisory committee as well as the community advisory planning council which was the pre-city council for the city of calida that is there. i wrote the incorporation proposal for a city of 17,000 called isla vista. while at isla vista, i directly created, developed, lobbied, got funded and hired the first legal defense center which is now in operation by the university of california santa barbara and that was i don't want to say how many years ago that was. that was in 1978. and i was also on the board of directors and helped develop the very first community federal credit union in the united states which is the isla vista federal credit union out of which many have developed, including the san francisco credit union, based on geographical residence as opposed to a company membership. i also, supervisors want like this as you are all elected, i was the co-sponsor of the first legal ballot option for voting none of the above in the state of california and that was indeed adopted by the santa barbara board of supervisors and allowed by the state
down with abc's barbara walters at the white house this afternoon. and he said something about syria that signals a whole new day for the u.s. barbara walters is here right now with what happened at the white house today. barbara? >> reporter: just a year ago this month, i met with president assad in damascus and i questioned him about the slaughter of his people. since then, 40,000 people have been killed. well, today, president obama had some big news. for the first time, he is putting the syrian opposition on the path to be recognized as the new government if and when assad falls. i'd like to talk about syria. do you plan to recognize the opposition and give them some legitimacy? >> we've made a decision that the syrian opposition coalition is now inclusive enough, is reflective and representative enough of the syrian population, that we consider them the legitimate representative of the syrian people, in opposition to the assad regime, and so we will provide them recognition and obviously with that recognition comes the responsibilities on the part of that coalition. >> reporter:
knows about is one way to combat the issue. and barbara, you were noting before, during the break, that essentially it's not just about the service man or woman-it really goes beyond that it extends into the family in terms of the, the threats that suicide poses? well, our families have been under stress for, at 10 years of war and plus and what research has been showing is that our families are having increased need and request for mental health services. also, seeing an increase in alcohol and drug abuse, um, especially when the service member is deployed. and so as, um, our study found that depending on how well the communication was going on between the nondeployed spouse and the children dictated as far as how well the household did but also how well the children did. and if the nondeployed spouse was experiencing any sort of mental health issues that in itself increased issues within the children. they have not been tracking as far as what's happening as far as with our families. are our suicide rates up as far as with our spouses and with our children? are our attempts up w
costarred barbara rush who also happens to be my mother. >> how do you do? >> do you know my name. >> quite. >> i what was it like there on the set working with frankcy that trace gallagher. >> he loved dean martin and those two were so funny together. dean not only wasn't in tim intimidated by frank at all. >> for the sinatra family, a three day nightmare after crossing paths with an judge employed 23-year-old stockbroker. down on his luck, keenan calculated he needed $240,000. in today's money around $1.7 million to get his once thriving career back on track. >> so i was trying to think of anything. kidnapping came up. >> kidnapping. in keenan's twisted mind it made perfect sense. grab a celebrity kid and hold them for ransom. they would have the means to pay big bucks to get the child back and he believed he would later pay back the ransom money with interest. >> in your head this was going be a loan. >> exactly. i started making a list of people that i had gone to school with. very original. which include bob hope's son tony hope and jim mitchum and finally settled on frank sinatra, jr.
the children, who are often used to hide drugs. miami gardens pd detective barbara lee palmer grew up in a neighbourhood where drug dealing was commonplace. she felt compelled to join the police force. barbara sync: just take her. barbara sync: i have seen family go through that, and that's just, it's just not, not where i wanted to be. i myself i was around it, and look where i am now, you know? everybody is given an opportunity, be it small or be it big, it's just what they do with that opportunity that gets them to where they are. i try and give them the speech about if they get caught with this, their kids'll get taken, and maybe they'll think twice next time when they do something like this. unfortunately, you know, 60 or 70% of them don't, and their kids get taken, but it's the price they pay. barbara sync: wow. you're a big boy, how old are you? four? wow. when's your birthday? barbara sync: this is the type of job you can't do if you don't love it. it's very, very time-consuming very stressful, and 90% of the time people don't say that they appreciate what you do. and you, you
's ever been. she's a humanitarian, activist, wife, mother and a funny girl. she is, of course, barbara streisand. i even got the name right. >> did you say bah-bra? >> i said barbara. >> i got the last name right. i said it in a very english way. >> [ english accent ] by god, you've got it. >> i have come from watching your brilliant new movie "guilt trip." it reminded me what it would be like if i went on a trip with my mother. you and seth rogen go on a bizarre trip. you are the archetype of a jewish mother. a loving, touching film. let's watch a clip. >> i'm over here! honey. >> hey, ma. >> i'm over here. >> i see you. all of new york sees you. >> oh, my god. >> good to see you. >> look at you. >> look at me. >> oh, my god. you're wearing a sports jacket. how did you know where to even buy a sports jacket? >> i took a class. >> oh, my god. you left the price tag on. j. crew, my fancy schmancy son. i'm going to keep it in case it goes on sale. it was a touching movie. it moved me to tears. it's also funny. you had a ball doing it, didn't you? >> if you like -- yeah, yeah. if you like
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